Walker Ryan, frontside flip

Nestled in a giant Sequoia forest sits Camp Millwood, or better known as YMCA Skate Camp. It just happens to be the first of its kind on US soil and dates back to 1986 when it was located in Santa Clara, California. The camp moved to different locations over the next two years (Fresno State in 1988 and San Diego State in 1989) and found a permanent home on the edge of the Sequoia National Park in 1990. I happily spent a few days at the camp in 1990 (mainly to skate the wooden bowl) and did an article for TransWorld Skateboarding which featured amateur skaters Omar Hassan, Wade Speyer and New Zealand’s Andrew Morrison. Video footage from this can be found in the hard-to-find Schmitt Stix video Schmitt Stix Goes To Camp. Two years later in the summer of 1992 I found myself at the camp for a night, but have not been back since.