Jeremy Klein, Backside Ollie, Derby Park, Santa Cruz, CA 1991

Art Director: Garry Scott Davis

“This was from a skate trip to Sequoia Skate Camp that I went on with Mike Youssefpour, Jeremy Klein and Todd Congelliere. At the time I was driving a brand new 1991 Isuzu Rodeo and it had the most room of any of our cars, so I got to drive. Mike and I met up with Jeremy and Todd in Torrance at World Industries where Jeremy loaded the biggest box of skate stuff into my car. The damn thing must have weighed 150 pounds and was loaded with decks, wheels, stickers, shirts, Ghetto Wear shorts and whatever else Jeremy felt like stuffing in there. From there we drove up to Santa Cruz where Mike and I picked up a box (way smaller than Jeremy’s) and decided to hit the Derby park before heading over the hill to San Jose where we’d be staying before heading east to the YMCA skate camp. I’d never been to Derby and neither had Jeremy. While Mike and Todd watched Jeremy blasted frontside and backside Ollies and a few grab tricks over the hip. I did my job and shot some photos and the rest is history. Stories about our time at camp will have to wait for another time.”