Lance Mountain

Lance Mountain, Shred Ranch, Encinitas, California 2010

“I can’t remember what the name of this show was called but Jeff King and Dave Bergthold were doing it. Jeff had this rental house in Encinitas that was going to get demoed by the owner, who in turn gave Jeff the go ahead to do whatever he wanted to the house before they tore it down to the ground. They built a mini ramp in a bedroom, street course through the kitchen and this vert quarterpipe that literally went through the roof. There was other shit but I just can’t remember what. On this particular day Lance, Rune Glifberg, Bucky Lasek and a young Cory Juneau were skating the quarterpipe. It was cool that Lance was there and although I shot cool stuff of Rune, Bucky and Cory this fastplant of Mr. Mountain was my favorite.”