Chad Fernandez, Kickflip Crooked Grind, San Francisco, California 2010.

There is a story that goes along with this photo of Chad Fernandez doing a kickflip Crooks at the famous Clipper ledge in San Francisco, Ca. I was shooting an interview with Chad for TransWorld Skateboarding in 2000 and he said he wanted to do this trick. When the time came we bought plane tickets to SF (basically an overnight trip to get this trick), rented a car and got a hotel near the airport for the night. Upon arriving Chad wasn’t sure he wanted to do the trick and suggested another spot (I think Stanford ledge), we went and looked at it after arriving and bailed on that idea. On to Clipper we went, Chad unsure of what he could pull off and the Filmer and I were set up and ready at the spot. I remember shooting three stills (all close enough to make the trick) and than switched to the sequence camera. Probably one roll of film to get the make.