Ben Schroeder, Southsea, UK

Ben Schroeder

Ben Schroeder, Frontside Feeble, Southsea Skatepark, Southsea, UK 1990


“Anytime you can witness Ben Schroeder skate is a great thing. I’ve had the pleasure of watching this mega-sized human fuck a session and get fucked up in a session for more than thirty years now. In the late 80s, Ben was on fire and coming up with so many new lip tricks that most just couldn’t keep up. This bowl session was going on during a Pro Vert contest being held on the park’s metal vert ramp but that thing was too damn narrow for Ben. But not to fear, a crusty English concrete bowl was spitting distance away and Ben opted to lay waste to it and taking much of the attention of the contest going on meters away. I knew where I needed to be, and that was bowl side getting some flicks of Big Ben. Check. This was also the first time I’d ever seen anyone do a frontside feeble of any sort and here we are years later and it still a trick du jour on street and tranny. Thanks Ben.”