TWS February 1994

Mike Frazier, Frontside Blunt, Harrow Skatepark, Harrow, UK 1993

Art Director: Ted Newsome


“I like it when a photo from a sick session lands itself on the cover. This photo of Mike Frazier was one of those times. A shitload of pros went to Harrow before heading up Northhampton for the big pro contest in the summer of 1993. New Deal Distribution was there, so it was kind of the place to go if you rode for one of their companies. Pretty sure Stereo Skateboards was distributed out of there in 1993 and that’s why Mike was there. Not sure who else was skating this rough as shit halfpipe with zero flat bottom; a relic from the 70s skatepark boom still standing. Mike started trying this and I rushed my fat ass over, camera and flash ready to go and snapped a few attempts before he landed one. Gloomy English skies were not the best for Color film but damn if those red Vans Old Skool’s didn’t make this cover an instant classic. Oh, Mike rode for Airwalk (another Skate shoe company) at the time, not sure if he got the boot or not. Either way, Mike has been riding Vans for as long as I can remember.” Prints Available for purchase.