TWS July 1993

Scott Conklin, Ollie, Carlsbad, CA 1993

Art Director: Garry Scott Davis

“This TWS cover of Scott Conklin means a lot to me. The main reason I say that is because skating was pretty awesome at the time and to be able to photograph stuff from this era in Southern California was truly a blessing. Rob Dyrdek and John Drake had just moved to San Diego and they were being visited by Duane Pitre, Scott and Lance Conklin and Beau Turner. On most days they would roll by the TWS office in Oceanside to see what was going on and we’d make plans to go out skating at night, hoping to find something cool to shoot photos of. On this night in particular we were just rolling around Carlsbad High School and came across this gate blocking the parking lot. Somehow Scott was pushed by the others to ollie over it (at the time I had no clue Scott could ollie so high) and I quickly set up my camera to snap a few photos and this was the result. In 1992 that was a pretty good ollie snap from flatground and the next thing you know it was a TWS cover.”