#29 TWS January 2003 (Hawk)

Tony Hawk, Ollie, Pala Pool, Pala, CA 2002

Art Director: Aaron Regan

“I’ve known Tony Hawk since he was about thirteen years old when we used to skate the Del Mar Skate Ranch together on the regular. In 2002 he was as popular as ever because of his video game franchise and doing the 900 during the X-Games a few years prior to this cover. I was in the midst of shooting a lot of tranny stuff and the Pala Pool sessions were peaking in 2002. Somehow I convinced Tony to roll out there for a session (I think he had a young Riley with him) and we shot a few things. There must have been ten people skating that day and Tony shut it down, I mean, he skated really good (looking back, not sure how he felt his board in those shoes but that’s a whole other story). A couple months later, as we were planning our 20th anniversary it was decided to do four different skaters, all of which had a long history with TWS coverage and of course Tony was at the top of the list.” Prints Available for purchase.