#29 TWS January 2003 (Cab)

Steve Caballero

Steve Caballero, 50-50, Costa Mesa, CA 2002

Art Director: Aaron Regan

“Like the Tony Hawk version of the January 2003 TWS, this is one of four commemorative covers from the 29th anniversary of that print magazine. Steve Caballero was on the cover of the very first issue (shot by Tony’s dad Frank Hawk) and was still a prominent figure in skateboarding 20 years later. My friend at Vans, Steve Luther got the okay to build a 20 stair ledge and it was built outside the Volcom building in Costa Mesa, California. The idea was for Steve to 50-50 20 stairs for the 20th anniversary and I was hyped I got the opportunity to shoot it. Yeah, Steve is better known for his vert skills but getting him to do a 20 foot air was just not going to happen. I wonder if if TWS will put Steve on the cover of their 40th anniversary in five years.”