Al Partanen

Al Partanen, Backside Smith Grind, Clinton Keith Pool, Menifee, CA 2002

Art Director: Aaron Regan

“I originally met Al back in his Turf Skatepark days as a sixteen year old shredder but hadn’t really shot photos of him. I think he came by TWS on one occasion and mentioned a pool out east of Oceanside that people were skating. I said, let’s go and the next thing you know we had a session going. The pool skating I shot prior to this was mainly Salba and his crew which I quickly learned was a lot different from what Al was capable of in 2002. We shot a few airs and maybe one back Smith from the deck, which I’m pretty sure was a heinous butt shot; can’t tell you for sure until I find all the images. Anyway, I asked Al if he didn’t mind me lying my carcass beneath him as he Smith’d over my head and rode away just missing my body lump. I felt safe because Al was so consistent on the big coping but Al might have been a bit hesitant. Oh, we did shoot some backside lipslides but they didn’t look nearly as sweet as this one. And the pentagram you ask? Fucking A if that didn’t make the cover just that much more hash!” Prints Available.