#24 TWS June 2001

Chad Fernandez

Chad Fernandez, Five-0, Santa Ana, CA 2001

Art Director: Aaron Regan


“I dunno what to say about this one. It was 2001 and Chad was one of the ripping skaters of the time. He was hungry and seemed to put it down on the regular when we shot together and this giant ledge inside the Orange Curtain was one of those times. To me it didn’t look doable but Chad handled it and only cried a little on some of the slams. Ha, maybe he whined. Anyway, the times I attempted to shoot with Chad after this he was generally late or called when I was almost at the spot to tell me he wasn’t going to make it out. Fuck, I hated that and I probably hesitated away from hooking up with him anymore. I think one of the last times we did go out, I flew to San Francisco to meet up with him because he wanted to do a trick on the Clipper ledge. When we were there he tried to back out but somehow Jason Hernandez and I convinced him to huck his ass up there and get the trick, which he did in only a few tries. Yeah, that’s another shot, not this frontside Five-0.” Prints Available.