#23 TWS January 2000

Chris Lambert

Chris Lambert, Ollie, San Dieguito High School, Encinitas, CA 1999

Art Director: Ted Newsome

“A few people tried to land an ollie on the San Dieguito double-set around this time. They’d come, nearly land it and not try again. This fucking thing was huge at the time, it probably still is, or doesn’t exist anymore. So Chris had it in his head that he was gonna land this ollie even if it killed him. I know I went there at least two different times with him and the rest of the Expedition crew and he gave it a pretty good effort but just couldn’t ride away. Not long before the new year (yep, Y2K craze was in full effect) another session was planned and I could tell Chris was gonna land it or kill himself in the process. I set up the flashes to shoot a couple of stills on his first attempts and than busted out the sequence camera for the make. As the motor drive rattled through the roll of film, Chris put it down, breaking his board in half but still riding away. I was damn stoked that an Encinitas local was the one to finally land this mega ollie.” Prints Available.