#15 TWS November 1996

Bob Burnquist

Bob Burnquist, Backside Nosegrind Over Hip, Magdalena YMCA Skatepark, Encinitas, CA 1996

Art Director: Ted Newsome

“I’m pretty sure Bob was still living in San Francisco when we shot this cover and he was just visiting for a few days. Regardless, Atiba (filmed 16mm footage) and I met up with him to shoot some photos, and if you know anything about Bob, everything he did was photo-worthy. I ended up shooting several sequences of different tricks (all landed in just a few tries) and four or five still shots and everything ended up getting printed in a magazine or calendar from this day. Bob did this backside nose grind to pop in over the hip as well as a backside nose grind over the hip that I shot from the exact same angle. In the end, Ted and I picked this sequence because the pop in frame looked sick. In 1996 it was still okay to run sequences as covers for skate mags because all the tricks were still new and this one also related to content within the issue as there was a big sequential article. This was shot on Velvia 50 film and looks as crisp today as the day it was shot.”